open-mesh – great idea, but having some problems

So, I decided that I needed to extend my wireless network, since the signal wasn’t stretching far enough. After looking at other AP’s I was pointed to, a provider of mesh solutions for apartments/hotels etc and at $59 an access point, was very cheap solution.

Other benefits are things like: the ability to sell access to the network built-in (great for our Granny flat that gets rented out!), a online dashboard that gives you control of all your devices, and some neat tricks that I discovered after setting it all up, like it just acting as a bridge to my wired network and having a selection of AP’s to connect to giving a stronger overall signal.

So, I set it all up, creating a Private network bridged to the wired one, and a ‘public’ network, throttled to 512kb with open access that you can buy full access to. So far so good. Then I moved my office from the kitchen (where I had good signal on the original network) to the lounge (where the signal was flakier) and an access point is right next to my machine. First test – beautiful!

Then I went and got a drink, came back and my wireless connection had gone. Sorry? WTF? So I connected it again, and bingo – a few minutes later, dropped.

This has continued for a while, and after swapping back to the original AP to get a stable connection, have been doing some reading. Changed the Wifi channel? Still does it. moved the AP closer? Still drops out. Threatening it with bodily harm? Disconnected!

It’s weird since, when it connects, it will hold the signal, give me an IP address, and I can use it fine, but then it will just drop. Have tried different Wifi logging apps to see if anything is giving me a hint, but no…

Very frustrating!

No solution yet… will plough on, and update this when / if I get a solution…

Stay tuned