Goodbye Web Work

Corestar has stopped accepting work for websites. It’s been an adventure and I learned heaps, but I have found that the web world is a frustrating enterprise. I have lost count of the number of websites I have uploaded over the years. Since 1997 as ‘Aldersey Interactive’, and then ‘Corestar’ I have been designing, implementing, attaching databases, external websites and ecommerce gateways to sites.

I looked back at that body of work, to try to find some on the web, just to see what is still running. Less than a handful. So where has all that work gone? It feels like I worked for nothing. Sure I got paid, I did what was asked of me, but where is the lasting legacy? If I died (which I nearly did earlier this year) what would be in my epitaph (If anyone actually wrote one)? He did some work… no evidence, but it must have been good!”…

Nah. Not for me. So I’m changing focus. I’ll keep this site live, because I like the name, and we still run things under the Corestar banner, so I’ll keep this as a blog I think. I’ll shuffle some things around, and change it’s look instead.

The new focus? Music. I have (re) discovered piano, and found that I’m not bad at putting a tune together. So as of now, I’m an entertainer, composer, performer and my own groupie… Also picking up ‘cello and still playing my high school instrument (tuba – come see me play on Saturday). I’ll still work at the State Library, as I have been for the last 3 years.

So where would the legacy of this change I hear you ask? Well, if I manage to write any decent music, there it be. Also the point of playing, is to entertain, to bring people joy, and to play people their tunes. “Love is helping someone find that song which is in their heart and then singing it to them”

Oh and I intend on writing more too. I think I need to get some of these thoughts on ‘paper’. Be prepared for an onslaught (of perhaps 2 or 3 blog posts in the next 3 years??? we’ll see!).