Audio Brain retraining with SonicVitamins

I’ve just been trying out the products from Sonic Vitamins and can say that I am quite impressed. The first one I tried was the SublimeSleep. After having some difficulty sleeping recently with the daily stresses of a full on job, and family life, I thought that a little help would be beneficial. Rather than go the ‘pop a pill’ route, I decided to try the ‘pop an audio pill’ route instead. So iphone in the cradle next to the bed turned it on and don’t remember anything after the first 10 minutes! It (supposedly) goes for an hour.

I still woke at 5 in the morning (thanks to my 3yo) but fell asleep quickly again, without the audio pill. It seems to last a while.

So, happy with my first trial, thought I would try some others. Instead of meditation the other day, I tried the InstantZen. Admittedly, I was feeling a bit crap with the ‘flu, so meditiation was probably not what i needed – sleep probably was. How do I know? I fell asleep! (lying down with eyes closed with something slowing down your brain waves would do that I suppose). Next time, I’ll stay upright, seated.

Next was BrainSharp – waking the following morning with a fuzzy head (I should have tried the AMBuzz), I headed off to work, and parked about a 30 minute walk from the office, giving me an opportunity to try the 30 minute BrainSharp. You know – I think it worked. Certainly got an awful lot done that morning!

So that’s all I’ve tried so far, but there are a few more there to try. X-Cite, EinsteinFactor and SiestaShot also look well worth it.

Would love to know if anyone else has tried them?