Solar in the Pilbara

from ClimateSpectator

Following the sun

The US-based SunPower Corp has completed the installation of a 505-kilowatt solar power facility, the largest solar tracking system in the country, at two sites in the Pilbara. The facility at Marble Bar and Nullagine, built on behalf of the local government-owned utility Horizon Power, will power the world’s first high penetration, hybrid solar-diesel power stations. Suntech says the power stations will generate approximately 1,048 megawatt hours of solar energy per year and will produce between 60 and 90 per cent of daily electricity needs. The plant employs flywheel technology developed by PowerCorp that is used to smooth the energy from the solar panels and stabilise power quality between the diesel power station and the solar farm.

So many ways to skin the solar cat… and they all seem to be being released now!