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Mirror video with ffmpeg

I had a video of a group that I wanted to learn the moves of, but the video was taken from the front, and my brain doesn’t cope with mirroring in my head that quick, so I thought I would mirror the video file.

Thankfully I already had everything I needed – the video file and ffmpeg.

Kind of simple when you know how:

>ffmpeg -i orig.avi -vf "hflip" flipped.avi

Then I just needed to put the flipped file back into my Movies folder for Plex to pick up, et voila I was moving with the best of them!

OSX Burning VIDEO_TS folder to DVD

Learnt a new trick today. Previously, I thought that the only way to burn a VIDEO_TS folder to DVD was to use a commercial product – Roxio Toast or similar. Seems there are open source solutions!

I downloaded DVD Image Utility and it works like a charm.

Firstly, download, and open the zip file, moving the executable to a pertinent place – Applications folder perhaps?

Then, make sure your VIDEO_TS folder is setup correctly – the folder structure should be like:

DVD Name
      ---video files

AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS are case sensitive!

Then, click the DVD Name folder, and drag to the DVD Image Utility icon. It will ask you where to put the image, so choose a folder with enough space.

Once that is done, click the .img file and drag onto the DVD Image Utility icon again. It will now ask you to insert a DVD and it will write to it.

You have to make sure the .img file is smaller than the Disk size limit of your drive as it doesn’t auto compress or anything, but it works a treat.