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So the Photonic Fence is being developed!

I want one.

Lighting Science and Global Good to Develop Light-Based Alternatives to Pesticides

Basically, it uses a low power infra-red light to spot flying insects, then hits it with another low power laser that determines the wing beat frequency and then if it’s in a specific range – matching female mosquitoes – (males are different to females, and only females bite) then it gets hit with a higher power laser that kills the insect.

Living near a river with marshlands nearby, this would be a life-saver. Possibly without hyperbole.

Introducing… Corestar

After 18 years on the net, I can finally say I have a blog. Incredible how the time goes, and how technology changes. Having started with hardcoding HTML, then Dreamweaver templates, then HTML again, then finding PHP (v3 then v4 soon afterward) and starting to do some real code. Then writing my own content management systems, email senders, and plethora of other applications in ColdFusion, PHP4 and PHP5, ASP (Classic) and ASP.NET. All while we have been through the Browser wars, into the start of the Standards push and now finally into HTML5 and the standardisation across almost all the browsers. (can’t wait till IE9!)

We’ve all come a long way… I hope to go a lot further too. HTML5 and CSS3 are looking incredibly useful and Javascript libraries like jquery, prototype and are just amazing. I am having so much fun learning them. I hope to have some really great sites up soon with some of these neat features.

So, here’s to another 15 years of creative fun and education!